Fog Roll

Happy New Year! And … Favorite Images of 2013

I’ve done a “best of” selection at the end of previous years … but this year I’m opting for a favorites list. I didn’t realize there would be a disparity between the photos I consider my best technically versus those I hold close to my heart. There appears to be only a loose correlation between […]

Bald Eagle on Squamish River

“Proof of Life” Photography – Part 2 – Proof of Eagles

[Continued from Proof of Life Photography - Part 1] We turned onto Mt. Baker Highway at Bellingham, heading for a bend in the Nooksack River in northern Washington. On clear days, the snow-tipped Mount Baker looms over the road eastward. On this day, we had just the knowledge of her presence — in silent repose […]

Short-eared Owl

“Proof of Life” Photography – Part 1

Moving to the Pacific Northwest changed nearly everything about my photography. When we left San Francisco, with mixed feelings for sure, I consoled myself with the idea of photographing species I’d never seen in the Bay Area — like Bald Eagles and Orcas. I anticipated tramping along the shoreline trails of Puget Sound as I […]


Living in Your Own Private Cryosphere

Albedo is the reflectivity of the earth’s surface. Ice, white and bright, has a high albedo, reflecting back the sun on itself, whereas water draws the solar radiation deep into its hues. Water is always in flux, mutable — liquid, vaporous, frozen — evaporating, condensing and expanding. This fluidity of form and purpose fuels life […]


Going All Micro Four Thirds on Wildlife

A local camera salesperson — who, for the purposes of anonymity, shall be named Malacoda — advised me that I will never get a decent wildlife shot with a micro four thirds camera (m43). In fact, according to Malacoda, the only way I will ever get a respectable photograph of a sitting or flying bird […]

Car Wash photo interior

The Extended Art of Goose Stipple

After the Snow Geese stippled our little Honda with their version of a Pollack drip painting, I waited a while before heading to the car wash, thinking it would be a waste of resources when the rain would just wipe the body clean within a day or two. But, faithful to Northwestern climate patterns, the […]

Long-billed Curlew on Morro Strand Beach California

The Spirit of Nature Photography: A Postscript

Long-billed Curlew photographed at sunset, on the dunes at Morro Strand State Beach in California. These thoughts are an extension of the discussion that began under my piece on post-processing. Thanks to my blogging friends who shared their methodologies and perspectives, initiating some thought-provoking explorations of realism in photography. I heard a lecture recently where […]

Pre Eagle

How Much Post-Processing Do You Do?

A friend linked to this story in her Facebook feed today: Why do Photo Contest Winners Look Like Movie Posters? Post-processing is obviously not a new topic … and it’s one that’s been evolving alongside digital photography and darkroom skills. This particular piece questions the lighting on the winning image in the World Press contest, […]


Studies in Ghost Geese

The first time I witnessed a blast of Snow Geese I described it this way: The sound of flocking snow geese is sometimes described as a “cacophony,” a “symphony,” a “storm” — a “baying of hounds,” a “noise blizzard.” The sound, in fact, varies. There’s a comfortable warbling of goose grumbles and calls as the […]

Empirical IT

An Interview in Empirical Magazine

My husband Hugh and I always joke that each of us should have married a business manager. We’re two happy campers when our heads are clouded with fonts and pixels … clearly reticent in the task of self-promotion.  So, up until today, I hadn’t even included my website URL on my Facebook page. But, I […]