Raptors Are The Solution (RATS)

RATS Poster

Raptors Are the Solution (RATS) grew from the grassroots of my home turf — Berkeley and the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area). The mission of RATS is to get anticoagulant rodenticides off the shelves. And, in affiliation with Earth Island Institute, they’re working with cities and counties in California to adopt resolutions which discourage […]

Warining [sic]: Shoots Flaming Balls

Discarded Flip Flop in Puget Sound

Okay, my apologies if you’re disappointed by the lack of flaming balls in this post. Scroll to the photo gallery for the title’s inspiration. ——————————– I don’t know if you’ve seen this video making the rounds in the socialnetworkosphere. If you haven’t, just beware that it is not uplifting (to say the least). It’s an […]

Livestock Production, Wildlife & Food Choices

Cattle 385

Edited 11/9/12: I received some additional links which expand the discussion here, concerning the findings of the FAO report I link to below. I’ve noted a few corrections in the actual text. But, you can read a good summary of the points in this New York Times piece, Measuring Livestock’s Long Shadow. In this article […]

Studies in Godwit

Marbled Godwit Wings in San Francisco

Every so often, I get a request for ‘derivative works’ permission — usually from a wildlife artist who wants to use a photo as the foundation for a painting or print. I particularly love it when the work is used to benefit an animal cause … like this painting of a Brown Pelican I photographed […]

The Deafening Sound of Man


My title here derives from a quote in this article about Dr. Bernie Krause: “A great silence is spreading over the natural world even as the sound of man is becoming deafening. Little by little the vast orchestra of life, the chorus of the natural world, is in the process of being quietened. There has […]

What We Are …

Port of Tacoma Scrap Metal Barge

The post title derives from a Flickr friend who wrote this comment below my photo: “A sobering reminder of what we are . . .” I will add that what we are doesn’t necessarily foretell what we become.   Against a scrim of Northwestern mist, the barge SeaLink Rigger chugs toward a scrap metal yard in […]

The Hook-and-Plastic Club for Birds

Brown Pelican with hook in pouch

Edited on 6/12/12 to add a few links and resources. This was my last shot of the night. Under a California sky, I saw my favorite silhouettes on approach … those pterodactyl forms, Brown Pelicans, gliding past the fallen sun. Knowing I would get just the barest outline of a pelican, I raised my lens […]

Sky Lanterns … and Tangential Links to Wildlife

Sky Lanterns in Seattle

If you stretch it, there’s a wildlife tie-in with just about every human contrivance. But in this case, I was actually avoiding wildlife connections — taking a break from the stress of nestlings, fledglings, entanglements and predation. My goal was moonrise over the Space Needle … a moonrise scheduled for 11pm. As luck would have […]

Derelict Nets & Entangled Birds

Gull Tangled in Net

Note: All gulls pictured in this post, and other trapped birds were freed from the netting. Follow Up on 10/21/11: I phoned today and learned that an official went out to this net, confirmed what we saw in terms of bird entanglement, and holes in the net have apparently been fixed as a temporary measure, […]

If Orcas Could Buy Sofas …

Orca Breach 300

Orcas can’t, of course, pick out sofas. But if they could, they would tell you that their survival may depend on the product and furniture choices we make — and the industries we support in the process. The orcas of the Salish Sea, who regularly cross the international boundary between Washington State and British Columbia, […]

Creative Commons and the Ripple Effect

Eared Grebe

The Creative Commons license is sometimes a contentious designation in the world of art and creation. The type of Creative Commons license applied to a work further complicates the issue of copyright, fair use and commercial exploitation. For various reasons, I’ve retained the Attribution license on most of my Flickr photos . . . despite […]

Graphic Video: Heavily Oiled Birds

I truncated this post to give you the option to view or not view the graphic images in this video. Although I hope everyone sees and is moved to action by these nightmarish depictions of oiled birds, I understand how a sensitive soul might be affected by the suffering here. There’s a reason I’m up […]

[Not Quite] Deja Vu – Oil Spill on San Francisco Bay

Oil Boom Protecting San Leandro Marina - ©ingridtaylar

Almost two years to the day after the Cosco Busan spill, hundreds of gallons of bunker fuel leaked into San Francisco Bay on Friday morning. As with Cosco Busan, details changed as the day went on, with reports ranging from five gallons to 100 gallons. Today’s news reports don’t add any clarity, although the best […]

Bay & Beach Flotsam: Why Coastal Cleanup Days Are Critical

Beach Flotsam in Pacifica - ©ingridtaylar

It was the best of the beach and the not-so-best of the beach. The best — luminous in color and texture, with Brown Pelicans, porpoises and whales gliding parallel to the shore. The not-so-best, well — that was the inspiration for Bay & Beach Flotsam, Episode 3. We had just found two dead sea lions […]

Dawn Cleans Oiled Birds

This post relates to the oiled bird photos and info below. Dawn launched a new campaign that will contribute up to $500,000.00 to IBRRC (International Bird Rescue Research Center) and the Marine Mammal Center. For each bottle of Dawn Special Edition dishwashing liquid sold, $1 will be donated to the cause (up to the 500k […]

The “Three U” Rule of Hazardous Materials

Oiled American Coot - ©ingridtaylar

Hugh and I just got our initial Hazwoper certification — a Federal OSHA requirement if we want to assist with bird rescue in oil spill areas. That, combined with a wildlife rescue training course we took back in March, will at least put us on the call list during catastrophic wildlife events. During the Cosco […]

Iron Eyes Cody – Time to Recycle & Reuse This PSA?

Iron Eyes Cody, also referred to as “The Crying Indian” formed my earliest environmental understanding in this 1971 Keep America Beautiful ad: People Start Pollution, People Can Stop It. According to the Ad Council, the full Keep America Beautiful campaign helped to reduce litter by as much as 88% in 300 communities, 38 states, and […]

Bay & Beach Flotsam – Episode #1

San Francisco Bay trash and pollution: I’ve seen: four-foot, mangy teddy bears nested in cord grass at high tide; an endangered Clapper Rail preening in a pile plastic bottles and corn chip bags; helium balloons tangled in seaweed, 100 yards out in the bog of low tide; plovers foraging around cigarette butts; fishing line and plastic loops just waiting to entangle the next curious gull.