Dragonfly in flight

Dragonfly Cleared for Landing

I’m taking a summer break from my writing here at the blog, to finish some creative projects. I’ll be back in the fall — maybe a bit sooner. Until then …

I’ll be posting some of my favorite photos and Read the rest


Coexisting with Ants (& Others)


If you engage online discussions on animal and wildlife issues, sooner or later you’ll encounter the troll who has something like this to say:

“You Bambi freaks are such hipocritical [sic] idiots. You think *%@# animals are more important than … Read the rest


Return to the Mother Ship

This was a serendipitous capture … getting the two honey bees in a straight line, and in the same plane of focus. I was photographing a single, pollen-soaked bee when the other entered the frame and queued up behind. Whenever … Read the rest


Staging “Nature” Shots

A friend of mine recommended 500px as an alternative to Flickr. Between Flickr, Facebook, Linked In and my inactive Twitter account, I’m maxed out on social networking, something I’ve never been all that hot on, anyway. But, I meandered over … Read the rest

Robin in Berry Bush

Spring Spiderlings

I saw what looked like a clump of mud sticking to the wall outside my kitchen window. It looked, at first, like the remnant of a Cliff Swallow nest . . . the muddy scars I saw frequently in the … Read the rest

House Fly Saliva and Digestions

House Fly Cafe

Could be a diner shuttered by the Health Department, or . . .

A house fly doing what house flies do: bringing up saliva to liquefy food. Flies tend to stand still through their moments of digestion, making macros of … Read the rest


Must … Re … Build

I’ve seen the spiders, and they are us. Actually, they are better than us in their tenacity to rebuild after every assault. When you consider that a wave of a hand, a cloud burst, a wing swooping through the maze … Read the rest