The White and the Blue [Birds]

In memoriam for a bird (or two) you’ve met here before. ———————————— First there was Blue. She came to us from the great blue, the wild blue, as blue as Lightin’ Slim, singing pigeon blues, not Rooster Blues. She came on banded foot, born of two other Blues who gave our Blue her azul feathers […]

Pigeon Pair Courtship

She’s a Hum Dum Dinger Pigeon

A little Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) courtship play … photographed on the Seattle waterfront, in the magic hour of a winter evening. Music by Jimmie Davis – in the public domain Photographed with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Lumix 100-300mm (micro four thirds) • Edited in iMovie


Bird Noir: Sacred Pigeon Geometry

Urban pigeon walking a Seattle labyrinth: From the Labyrinth Society: “In a nut-shell, Sacred Geometry is, ‘the use of a handful of ratios to create forms that help the seeker to resonate properly to achieve their desired spiritual goal ….’ …. Alex Champion’s Definition: ‘Sacred geometry is the contemplation and utilization of the archetypal geometric […]


The Flying Wallendas … I Mean, Pijendas

I’m a sucker for pigeons. I loved them long before Hugh and I rescued a couple of lost racing pigeons, and I continue to love them long after. People who’ve never observed pigeons will marvel when they first notice how pigeons out-maneuver Peregrines in harrowing chases. These birds, whose ancestors sprang from the cliffs alongside […]

Pigeon Taking Off in Flight

Pigeon Over Seattle

This pigeon did aerial turns and hovers that rivaled a raptor’s. I captured a few frames as she took off from Pike Place Market and hovered for a few seconds against Seattle’s skyline. Thanks to SkeletalMess on Flickr for the Creative Commons texture “Tainted” which I used in the above rendering. Related Pigeon Posts: Lancelot-Guinevere: […]

Lancelot-Guinevere - ©hughgrew

Lancelot-Guinevere: The Case of the Castle Pigeon

Lancelot (no, Guinevere) — lost himself (no, herself) — along the coast of Scotland, where Picts and Druids and Earls and Scots laid claim to the medieval stones of her landing. Just north of these stones lie the crags and cliffs that offer sanctuary for pelagic birds, the calls of whom may have drawn her […]

pigeon and fake owl


Pigeons just know. How many times do you see them perched between bird spikes or, as in this case, within talon’s reach of a fake owl? I appreciate the cleverness that is “pigeon” and when I saw this juxtaposition, I had to freeze-frame it. Owls can be effective for a time . . . or […]

Noah Pigeon and the Bunnies

Noah the Pigeon

When you work in any facet of animal rescue, you hear stories. Often, the worst stories — one-act plays with bad endings. You wonder why on earth this storyteller decided you were the person who needed to hear it. I’ve learned that if an anecdote opens with, “Have I got a raccoon story for you […]

Willet Stretching

Pigeon Pilates

Or so I call it . . . also fondly known as Pigeon Tai Chi . . . or simply, the Pigeon Stretch. It’s that endearing things birds do — wild and domestic both — leg extended under outstretched wing, releasing tension from their hard-working limbs. I always appreciate a wild-bird stretch when I’m out […]