Rorschach Heron

Great Blue in a single-wing stretch … reflected in Elliott Bay like an ink blot.

Rorschach Heron

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  1. Louise says

    Ingrid, as with your other nature photography, it is both one thing, and another. When I first saw this, my initial impression was that I was seeing an archival photo of Isadora Duncan… The flow, the posture, the grace, lovely.

  2. says

    Louise is right. It’s Isadora the Heron. Unless he’s a male. In which case he’s Duncan the Heron.

    Or maybe Martha the Heron, if female–and Graham the Heron, if male?

    By any name, though, I can’t figure out which body part is where. She/he sure does express grace, poise, control, beauty, freedom — inner qualities outwardly manifested being the point of the photo, and of life.

    Couldn’t bear to comment on the sea lion photo and text. What an upside-down concept that woman has of what is “vile” in this world.

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