For all of you who have cats and some garden space, this is a great way to give cats fresh air and roaming time, while protecting the resident wildlife and birds. Ilana DeBare of Golden Gate Audubon posted this piece about a catio and outdoor playground built by GGAS board member, Phil Price. Check it out:

Protecting Birds and Cats with a Catio


The first time I ever saw a catio was at  Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Hugh and I went to volunteer for a few days after our cat Lexi passed away in 2000. If you love cats and dogs (and horses and rabbits and birds) and have never been to Best Friends … and, you just happen to be driving that southern Utah loop around Zion National Park, I can’t recommend enough that you stop in for a visit and a tour. It’s a rescue-pet paradise set against the pink rocks of Angel Canyon.

I was too busy cleaning litter boxes to take many shots that visit, so these photos come from Flickr’s creative commons pool.

Flickr CC license © Puck 90 -

Flickr CC license © Puck 90 –

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