Jamie Olson is in pictures again.

The photos associated with this story are difficult to view, so I’m not posting any here. You can link out to the stories below, and from there, further link out to images to see why a petition is circulating to have this Wildlife Services trapper fired. This is the same trapper controversially photographed earlier this year, smiling in front of his trapped and bloody wolf.

Please read the petition and sign it if you support its premise — to fire Olson for these activities and to send a message to the USDA that we do not want our taxpayer dollars supporting this level of wretchedness against wild animals.

Links to the Jamie Olson/Wildlife Services story:

I wish these incidents were so extreme and isolated, I could comfort myself with that knowledge. But, as journalist Tom Knudson reported in his Sacramento Bee exposé, the treatment of predators and other animals by Wildlife Services is beyond unacceptable. With “varmint” hunting and trapping in general, where many species have no legal protection whatsoever, the treatment of these animals is sometimes incomprehensibly cruel. We need to apply our individual and collective pressure to insist this USDA agency be reformed … and to insist that the whole practice of predator and “nuisance” animal control be restructured toward a more evolved and compassionate ethic with respect to wildlife.

I wish I didn’t have to sound like a broken record on this issue.

Related Quark Post: Livestock Production, Wildlife and Food Choices. There’s information in this post about how livestock production contributes to needless death and suffering for wild predators, including the annihilation of Washington’s Wedge pack of wolves. A story in the Spokesman Review a couple of days ago reported that it cost the State of Washington almost $77,000 dollars to kill seven wolves … at the behest of a local rancher. We can direct our dollars away from industries that support and perpetuate the needless slaughter of predators and all wildlife.

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