Happy 2011!


“May the most you wish for be the least you get.” ~ Irish saying Happy New Year! The Photo: Photographer’s reflection (me) in a green, reflective gazing globe. I’m bundled up on a 25-degree morning — cold, crisp sun. I cut out the globe and pedestal and tweaked a few color settings. And by that […]

Pelecanus Occidentalis Californicus

Pelecanus occidentalis californicus

There’s a federal band (steel) on the right leg of the Brown Pelican in the first shot, but I didn’t see it until I off-loaded my photos. Zooming in, I can’t read any numbers from the shots I took. The blue bands are easier to spot, and were created precisely for that reason: to make […]

Moonrise in Seattle

moonrise in seattle

Moonrise by D.H. Lawrence And who has seen the moon, who has not seen Her rise from out the chamber of the deep, Flushed and grand and naked, as from the chamber Of finished bridegroom, seen her rise and throw Confession of delight upon the wave, Littering the waves with her own superscription Of bliss, […]

Amazing Circles Seattle

Amazing Circle of Boom

These globes are deceivingly simple if you have a version of Adobe Photoshop: Create Amazing Circles. The original shots were taken in and around Seattle, then swirled into Amazing Circles by way of digital trickery. Downtown Seattle waterfront, shot looking south from Pier 66 at sunset: A boom photographed near the Port of Seattle: Foliage. […]

Reflected Reversed

Seattle Skyline reflected in puddle

A figment of light, reflected in liquid sun . . . an ephemeron of a rabbit hole, then painted over with evening mist. Or: just another wet afternoon in Seattle. The Photos: Reflections of the city shot in large puddles, then spun 180ยบ for the rabbit hole effect. Treated slightly with color contrast and a […]

Goose + Water


Feathers are such critical components of a bird’s flight, insulation and general survival, it’s no surprise they have meticulous spa routines. The bathing helps remove dirt and parasites, the preening helps reset the feather barbs. Most birds also coat the feathers with protective oil from the uropygial gland. We came upon a small family of […]