Happy 2011!

“May the most you wish for be the least you get.”
~ Irish saying

Happy New Year!

The Photo: Photographer’s reflection (me) in a green, reflective gazing globe. I’m bundled up on a 25-degree morning — cold, crisp sun. I Read the rest

Pelecanus occidentalis californicus

Pelecanus Occidentalis Californicus

There’s a federal band (steel) on the right leg of the Brown Pelican in the first shot, but I didn’t see it until I off-loaded my photos. Zooming in, I can’t read any numbers from the shots I took. The Read the rest

moonrise in seattle

Moonrise in Seattle

moonrise in seattle

December Moonrise in Seattle

by D.H. Lawrence

And who has seen the moon, who has not seen
Her rise from out the chamber of the deep,
Flushed and grand and naked, as from the chamber
Of finished bridegroom, seen … Read the rest

Seattle Skyline reflected in puddle

Reflected Reversed

A figment of light, reflected in liquid sun . . . an ephemeron of a rabbit hole, then painted over with evening mist.

Or: just another wet afternoon in Seattle.

Seattle Skyline reflected in puddle

A Figment of Light Reflected

Seattle skyline reflection in puddle

An Ephemeron of a Rabbit

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Sandy Shorebill

This Dunlin is the first shorebird I saw on Seattle mud. At this point in my California life, I’d be chugging caffeine before the sun comes up, and getting to my favorite shorebird sanctuaries and mudflats as the light turns … Read the rest


Goose + Water

Feathers are such critical components of a bird’s flight, insulation and general survival, it’s no surprise they have meticulous spa routines. The bathing helps remove dirt and parasites, the preening helps reset the feather barbs. Most birds also coat the … Read the rest