Just pictures … for the summer

I'm taking a summer break from my writing here at the blog, to finish some creative projects. I'll be back in the fall -- maybe a bit sooner.

Until then ...

I'll be posting some of my favorite photos in this spot.

Thanks, my friends, for sticking around and for giving this space a little heartbeat. :)


The Family Procyon Lotor

Raccoon Trio 1200

Just a few days into my Seattle relocation, the friends who generously housed us until we found a place of our own pointed to some ruckus in a tree. Since ruckus in a tree generally signals some sort of animal activity, I grabbed my camera and crept into the shade of a healthy Northwest canopy. Overhead I saw this … a family […]

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Tufted Puffin on Protection Island NWR Washington

First Ever Tufted Puffin

I’m taking a summer break, I’ll be back in the fall. Until then … I’ll be posting some of my favorite photos in this spot. Thanks, my friends, for sticking around and for giving this space a little heartbeat. Puffin-ness This photo isn’t notable for any reason other than it’s my first-ever image and sighting of a Tufted […]

Heermann's Gull at Redondo Beach

Divining Dinner

I spent an overcast afternoon in Redondo Beach, watching one of my favorite gulls — the Heermann’s Gull – forage in the ebbing tide. Heermann’s Gulls cluster in flocks at Redondo, with adults and juveniles pressed against lifeguard stands or nestled among the tire ridges left by Redondo Beach patrol vehicles.  On ashen days, their crimson beaks and eye rings pop […]

Forster's Tern Fledgling Getting Fed at Bolsa Chica

Mother + Child Reunion

Two youngsters, Forster’s Tern fledglings, waited on a muddy shore in southern California. They incubated here at Bolsa Chica wetlands, shielded by pickleweed and their mother’s brood patch. Then one day, they pulled apart their speckled shells with sleepy eyes and slicked back hair. And in this wetland, over brackish and noisy waterways off Pacific Coast […]


Raging Sea of Cormorants

I saw this group of cormorants off the coast of Oregon, framed by the tumult of the Pacific. It struck me how nonchalant their poses were as they preened their plumage in the midst of raging sea. Where we might crumble under the power of these swells, the pelagic beings thrive here, in a sheen of feathered wet suits. We’re tiny […]

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Raccoon at a Seattle dumpster

Postcards from a Freegan Raccoon

If I had a photography motto it might be “follow the crows.” As sentries of the canopy, crows know what’s going on. So I pay attention. If it mattered at all to crows, they could tell me who shattered my car window last month and who stole our Christmas tree (with decorations) back in 1995. […]


North American Beaver … Eating Lily Pads Like Enchiladas

It’s like waiting for a geyser to erupt … or an eclipse. There’s a start time to this endeavor. At 6:45p, we’re told, a North American beaver or two (or more) will swim into this stew of lily pads and systematically take them down for dinner. They have a lodge not far away, this family of […]

Osprey Pair on Ballard Locks Nesting Platform Seattle

Ospreys in the Red Corner

Welcome to Commodore Park, Seattle … home of the 18th weir and today’s main event. In the red corner, weighing 4.4 pounds, with a wingspan of 70 inches, coming straight off a 1200-mile migration … Pandion haliaetus.   And in the blue corner, the opponent, weighing 1.2 pounds … undefeated with 172 professional, aerial wins … Corvus brachyrhynchos. […]

Rorschach Heron

Rorschach Heron

Great Blue in a single-wing stretch … reflected in Elliott Bay like an ink blot.

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