iPhone Snow Geese


My mate likes to tell our houseguests that around here, “the only rule is that there are no rules.” My boundaries aren’t quite as fluid as his, so I do have a few general rules in life, especially ones I’ve adopted through photographing in the Pacific Northwest. I can summarize those in two points: Don’t […]

Coexisting with Ants (& Others)


If you engage online discussions on animal and wildlife issues, sooner or later you’ll encounter the troll who has something like this to say: “You Bambi freaks are such hipocritical [sic] idiots. You think *%@# animals are more important than humans but when rats and bugs infest your pathetic houses you’re the first killers.” Okay, […]

Ethereal Cat


This is Oliver — a cat we met on the byways of AirBnB.  His parents rescued him after he’d been shot in the right eye socket. He’s missing that eye but in spite of his early travails, he recently passed the milestone of his 17th birthday.  He’s a man about the house, ambling with measured […]

Spa Day for a Night Heron

Night Heron standing in water

I originally named this portrait “Standing Room Only.” I’d never seen a Black-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) creep chest-high into a pool — then just stand there forever like a Japanese snow monkey. This pose made me laugh as I watched the heron soak up the swirls of his own private day spa. One of my […]

“Catios” — a Happy Coexistence for Wildlife and Cats

Flickr CC license © be OH be /

For all of you who have cats and some garden space, this is a great way to give cats fresh air and roaming time, while protecting the resident wildlife and birds. Ilana DeBare of Golden Gate Audubon posted this piece about a catio and outdoor playground built by GGAS board member, Phil Price. Check it […]

Western Gull + Fishing Line + Rehab

Western Gull tangled in fishing monfilament

In my previous post, I mentioned a Western Gull I managed to rescue … by true luck. Here’s that story. We were in Los Angeles all of January and part of February, and in the context of a chaotic month, I stole an hour to go strolling on the beach. On my walk over, through […]

Happy New Year! And … Favorite Images of 2013

Fog Roll

I’ve done a “best of” selection at the end of previous years … but this year I’m opting for a favorites list. I didn’t realize there would be a disparity between the photos I consider my best technically versus those I hold close to my heart. There appears to be only a loose correlation between […]

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